Uxbridge Cemetery Database : Information for Eastgate Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Uxbridge Twp

From The Churches of Uxbridge-

Written and illustrated by
Allan McGillivray

Eastgate- Primitive Methodist

Around 1900, there was a church
located on the east end of Lot 8, concession III (on the 4th)
of Uxbridge Township, across from the cemetery. It was not shown in
1877, but was listed in 1908 assessment records. Some reports place
it in the cemetery where it was also used for funerals. The name
came from the Eastgate family who lived in the area. The burial ground
was known as Eastgate Cemetery, the Methodist Cemetery, or Mt. Pleasant

Only two of the Primitive Methodist
Churches, Sandford and Zephyr, remain in use as Untied Churches.