Uxbridge Cemetery Database : Information for Pine Grove Cemetery, Uxbridge Twp

From the book The Churches of Uxbridge-Scott

Written and illustrated by Allan McGillivray

Pine Grove United Church, Wesleyan

Wesleyan Methodism began in England when John Wesley and his followers broke away from the Anglican Church for more “methodical” study and devotion. Later, some of them, led by Alex Kilham who wanted among other things free elections of class leaders, became known as New Connection Methodists. In Canada, these two groups united in 1874 to form the Canada Methodist Church.

When Pine Grove became an appointment on the Uxbridge circuit in 1868, it was known as the “Wilderness Appointment”, and was served over the years by ministers, laymen, and the Uxbridge Businessmen’s Bible class.

For almost ten years, the congregation probably met in the Pine Grove School. In 1878, land for a building and burial ground was given for one dollar b Maria and Edward Major, and the present frame church erected. In June of 1953, a Cross of Remembrance was raised in the Pine Grove Cemetery. Its inscription reads, “To the Glory of God, To Honour all the unknown and unmarked graves of the Pine Grove Pioneers”. This church became a United Church in 1925, and is till open for service twice a year.

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First known internment: Ann MEDD 1882 no known cemetery records further than fifty years back.