Uxbridge Cemetery Database : Legal Info

Where the headstone has either vanished or is in too poor condition to read, the original wording from the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) cemetery records is used and is quoted as the source. The first recording of cemeteries by the OGS can be purchased at:


Durham Region Branch

P.O. Box 174

Whitby, Ontario L1N 5S1

Often you will find more detailed information on the size of the stone and/or markers, and often where the stone came from.

In the case of St. James Cemetery in Brock the Uxbridge Public Library has the written permission to use the exact wording. Much of this work was done by Dorothy St. John and Gerald Merrick and there is a lot of information that is their personal research. Only new pictures and new stones have been added by the Uxbridge Public Library.

This is a large job and there are mistakes. If you discover any mistakes please email genealogy@uxpublib.com and we will correct the error.

Thank you.