The Library will be CLOSED Monday, June 25 for staff training.

Friends of the Library

Aim of the Friends of the Library

The aim of the Friends of the Uxbridge Township Public Library shall be to enhance and support the extension of the services and resources of the Uxbridge Township Public Library and to assist in raising community awareness of the public library.


All individuals and organizations interested in the purpose of this organization shall be eligible for membership upon payment of dues.

Each member shall be entitled to one vote.

Any person who has performed distinguished community service may, on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, be elected an Honorary Member without dues.

Print off the Membership Form.


The Friends shall seek to achieve its aim by raising funds, obtaining materials needed by the library, and by making available to the library the personal and professional services of the Association's members or others. The Friends may undertake all manner of lawful activities to raise funds or to obtain materials in support of the Uxbridge Township Public Library. Friends can also undertake recreational or educational activities offering the membership opportunities to broaden their knowledge of Canada or the world in or outside the context of library activities.

Possible Future Projects

  • sponsor the development of special collections
  • promote the library's commitment to new technology
  • campaign for expanded services
  • help acquire important materials beyond the confines of the operating budget
  • sponsor exhibits, speakers, film programs, book reviews, literary awards
  • bus tour of interesting small town libraries
  • sponsor authors and illustrators in for children's programs
  • promote the library in the community
  • tours of the library for new patrons
  • Internet training



  • presides over all meetings of the Friends
  • plans the agenda for the meetings
  • is a signing officer for the Friends


  • is elected on the understanding that he/she shall succeed the Chairperson
  • presides over meetings in the absence of the Chairperson


  • records the minutes for all meetings of the Friends
  • reads the minutes of the Friends' meetings
  • maintains a file of minutes, etc.
  • is a signing officer for the Friends
  • maintains the Friends' bank account and manages the financial affairs of the Friends

Fundraising Coordinator:

  • presents a list of proposed projects for discussion, selection, and approval
  • responsible for planning and execution of approved fundraising projects
  • recruits assistance from the membership to assist with projects