Genealogy Research Fees

Due to the increasing number of research inquiries by mail and the consequent demands upon staff time, we regret that it has become necessary to levy a fee for this work, whether or not the required information has been found.

Please be advised that our research fee schedule is as follows:

Basic Research Question:
Research to involve less than 15 minutes of staff time and only one source or three exact date look-ups (newspaper, cemetery).

Complex Research Question:
Research to involve not more than 60 minutes of staff time.

Extensive Research Question:
Research to involve one or more hours.
$20.00 per hour. Minimum two hours.

Additional charges include:
$0.20 per copy for black and white photocopy
$0.50 per copy for colour photocopy
$3.00 per picture

If you wish us to proceed with your request please forward it, with this authorization and payment, to the Genealogy Department at the following address:

Genealogy Department
Township of Uxbridge Public Library
9 Toronto St. South, PO Box 279
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1P7

Upon receipt of authorization and payment, staff will commence research and an invoice will accompany results.

Genealogy Research Fees Form