The Library will be CLOSED Monday, June 25 for staff training.

The Role of the Library Board and its Committees

An important contributor to a successful and smoothly running public library actively involved in the community is the Library's Board of Directors. The Library Board operates under the authority of the Ontario Public Libraries Act (R.S.O. 1990, chapter P.44) and most public libraries or library systems in the province have such a governing board. The Board is responsible for making policies for the operation of the Library; for obtaining adequate funding for Library materials, services and programmes; and for promoting the Library in the community. The twelve Library Board members are appointed by the Township of Uxbridge Council for a 4-year term that runs concurrently with the term of the appointing Municipal Council.

The Library Board has a wide range of responsibilities, including the sound fiscal management of the Library. The Board is also responsible for setting overall policies such as the service philosophy appropriate for the total community and the programs best suited to implement that philosophy. As the Library's policy-setting body, the Board deals with all legal and ethical aspects of the library's operation and equitable personnel management practices within the library.

The oversight of the Library Board ensures that the Library is properly run and well-managed; however, the day-to-day operation and management of the Library is in the hands of the CEO/Chief Librarian. It is the CEO's task to provide professional and practical advice to the Board and to implement the guiding vision provided by the Board.

The Township of Uxbridge Public Library Board meets the 3rd Thursday of each month from September to June. Meetings are open to the public except when confidential items are discussed. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings are generally held at the Uxbridge Public Library.

The members of the voluntary Board are: David Phillips (Chair), Asli Gocer (Vice-Chair ), Chuck Heroux, Laura James, Al Rickwood, Rita Irwin, Janet Betts, Keela Efraim, June Archibald, Councilor Jacob Mantle, Councilor Pat Molloy.

There are three committees that do the preparatory work and make recommendations to the full Board. In this work, they are supported by the CEO and library staff, as directed by the CEO.

Finance Committee

  • Chuck Heroux (Chair), Rita Irwin, David Phillips
  • Prepares an annual budget
  • Presents budget to Township Council
  • Reviews Library spending presents a report to the Board at each meeting

Personnel and Policy Committee

  • Lynn Klages (Chair), Dwight Clements, David Phillips
  • Develops a performance appraisal process for the CEO
  • Writes Board policy with the CEO and presents it to the Board for approval
  • Consults with CEO regarding personnel issues consults with the CEO regarding the wage and benefits portion of the budget
  • Presents a report to the Board at each meeting
  • Forms a committee to hire the CEO

Community Outreach Committee

  • Mack Rogers, Dwight Clements, Keela Efraim, David Phillips, and Corrinne Morrison (Staff)
  • Identity community needs and wants.
  • Develop a message or messages and determine how best to communicate to community.
  • Promote the library, its services, volunteer opportunities, benefit to community.
  • Identify partners to assist in meeting Library mission.

SOLS Trustee Councils

  • David Phillips (Uxbridge Representative)
  • A communications link between Southern Ontario Library Service and boards regarding SOLS' services.
  • A forum for sharing information and an opportunity to hear how other boards deal with similar issues.
  • Suggestions and support for trustee training
  • A pool of trustees from which to elect members to the SOLS Board.

Information Technology Interest Group

  • Roman Romanenko (Technical Services), Alexandra Hartmann (CEO)
  • Consults with the CEO regarding the technology portion of the budget
  • Presents a report to the Board at each meeting
  • Guides the Library in the purchase of new technology