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10. Gould Family Bible and Wooden Display Cabinet

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Gould Family Bible

The Joseph Gould room in the library is home to several town treasures. Among these is the Gould Family Bible. Often unnoticed in its protective wooden protective case, which was donated by the I.O.D.E., this particular bible dates from 1814. It was donated to the library in 1989 by the Gould family and presented by Mrs. Marion Gould. Before it could by put on display to the public, the Bible first needed to be restored page by page. Experts in this field were consulted and Uxbridge Township council agreed to finance the restoration. Only two people were recommended for this job and since both were busy with prior commitments it was over a year until the restoration began.

In March of 1990 the book was taken to conservator Barbara Rosenberg of Toronto who undertook the lengthy process. The bible contains more than 1000 pages and each individual page had to be washed, deacidified and sized, all by hand! On top of this daunting task, ripped and torn pages had to be repaired with special hand made paper. Finally the bible was resewn and rebinded. Mrs. Rosenberg used the original binding and boards and put new leather under the original to give new strength to the spine and joints.

The bible also holds historically important information. On several pages between the New Testament and the Apocrypha, marriages and births in the Gould family have been recorded. These pages had to be restored very carefully due to the different inks of the dates.

The newly refurbished bible with its protective case is available for public viewing and provides us with yet another valuable piece of Uxbridge history.

Wooden Display Cabinet

In front of the entrance to the library, there is a wooden display cabinet. The cabinet was donated in 1972 by the Susie Sorabji chapter of the I.O.D.E. (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire). This cabinet is used to house family histories in the Genealogy Department.

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