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12. Brick Wall Memorial

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Exit the Gould Room and continue past the front desk and photocopier. On the left wall there is a Brick Wall Memorial. The bricks for this memorial wall came from the chimney of the creamery that was located on the present Mill Street west. Built in 1885 by Isaac J. Gould, son of Joseph Gould, it replaced the original frame building which was destroyed by fire. It was used as an oat mill until 1887 and after that a carding and wooden mill. It also supplied Uxbridge with it’s first electricity in 1924. It then became the creamery. In the fall of 1983 the last of the creamery, the chimney, was taken down and some of the bricks were restored to supply the library with memorial wall. A picture of the original chimney is downstairs on the wall. The idea for the Memorial wall was introduced by Jack Ballinger. The bricks on the upper floor of the library were purchased for $100.00 and the bricks in the lower foyer were $1000.00. This money went to offset the cost of the renovation in 1987.


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