14. The Quilt

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On the wall, across the top of the stairs, there is the library quilt. This quilt was designed as a library Centennial project in 1987 by Theresa Lewis and Barbara Murphy and completed by 133 people working on various phases of it. Each of their names appears on the face of the quilt. The idea for the quilt was conceived and a simple drawing of the library was done on graph paper. The graph was enlarged to the finished size of the quilt and marked in 1-inch squares on heavy cardboard. Materials were chosen and some were dyed using the batik method. Fourteen cutters began marking and cutting the material into 5,510 pieces. Once sorted each piece was pinned onto the cardboard to create a fabric picture. Then the process was reversed in 8 inch by 10-inch blocks and distributed to 80 sewers.

Meanwhile embroiderers recorded all the names etc. and appliqued the pieces onto the pieced quilt. After the quilt was marked for quilting it was set up in the library so anybody could help with the quilting. The finishing edging was done and the quilt was hung for all to see.

Thank you for working on the Library Quilt

Winnie Acton
Brenda Avis
Ruth Backstrom
Donna Ballinger
Dora Barth
Christine Bass
Shirley Baster
Allison Bates
Barbara Beaton
Susan Bell
Kathy Beverly
Doreen Brethour
Heather Brodie
Leslie Brown
Mary Bryon
Laura Bannon
Kim Campbell
Mabel Carter
Donna Chalupa
Helen Clarke
Mildred Clarke
Karen Clements
Alice Colby
Ethel Collier
Karen Kearney Cooper
Margery Cowley
Evelyn Cox
Debbie Crockatt
Corrine Croxall
Carolyn Dane
Elsie Davidson
Jane Demers
Dorothy Doble
Linda Dyke
Barbara Evans
Teresa Esmonde
Connie Fannon
Ellen Farr
Dawn Ferguson
Judy Findlay
Patricia Fockler
Rachel Forsythe
Teresa Foulds
Isabel Galle
Sharon Gibson
Eileen Gould
Kathy Green
Ann Griffin
Betty Giffin
Shirley Griffin
Nancy Hannah
Gwynneth Hayes
Barbara Heidendahl
Cheryl Henderson
Mary Hockley
Maureen Hood
Heather Hunter
Mien Jocobs
Judy James
Mane James
Pear Jarvis
Jennie Johnson
Sadie Johnson
Clara Jones
Cathy Joosten
Elisabeth Kamps
Donna Kennedy
Pat Kerford
Nell Laird
Ruby Leek
Theresa Lewis
Margaret Locke
Jackie Lockie
Mabel Luke
Eileen Markle
Vlerie Markle
Grace Marsh
Mary McLaren
Della Moore
Leona Moore
Barbara Murphy
Karen E. Murphy
Karen A. Murphy
Doreen Musselman
Mabel Oldham
Margaret O'Regan
Alex Paszterko
Elaine Paszterko
Tony Peck
Laura Peers
Louise Penny
Becky Penny Cook
Rosane Perreault
Mary Pilkey
Joanne Pinquet
Louise Potier
Barb Rance
Ria Rasmussen
Kathleen Ravitch
Dorothy Richardson
Stella Roberts
Kim Robertson
Karen Ruppel
Isabel St. John
Judy Seymour
Doris Shaw
Annemieke Smith
Glays Smith
Margaret Smith
Norm Smith
Verna Smith
Barbara Stafford
Anne Stark
Lee Stephenson
Yvonne Stokes
Muriel Tassie
Doris Taylor
Glennis Taylor
Irene Tindall
Ruth Trudel
Joan Tribbeck
Marlene Tucker
Jane Walker
Lorne Wall
Marg Wall
Thea Wenham
Betty Ann Williamson
Alma Wilson
Elsie Wood
Wendy Wood
Elaeanor Woodland
Faye Wright
Carol Young

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