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9. The Original Entrance

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Look through the window of the door opposite the clock. To your right is the original entrance to the library. In this area, there was "The Wicket". This was a little stand where the librarian would take requests for books before the public was allowed to browse the shelves. The stairs leading up to the librarian's apartment are original and in the Victorian Gothic style of the exterior of the library. Of interest, Mrs. Sarah Willis (1893-1908) was the first librarian to receive a salary - she made $23.32 in 1894. The last librarian to live in the apartment was Agnes Arbuckle(1963-1974)

There are two Heritage Ontario Plaques decorating the building on the outside.

The Founding of Uxbridge

Erected by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, Archives of Canada

The settlement of this area was stimulated by the arrival about 1806 of approximately twelve Quaker families from Pennsylvania. About 1808 Joseph Collins completed the first saw and grist-mill around which a community developed. The mill was bought in 1832 by Joseph Gould. A post office named Uxbridge was opened in 1836 with Joseph Bascom as Postmaster. In 1844 Gould, industrialist, land owner, and later first member of the Parliament of Canada for Ontario North, erected a large woolen mill. The completion in 1871 of the section of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway between Scarborough and Uxbridge fostered the growth of the community. Incorporated in 1872, Uxbridge became a town in 1885.

1887 Mechanics Institute

Township of Uxbridge
Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act

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