Zephry Library Book Sale

Friends of the Zephyr Library

BUCK-A-BAG Book Sale

SaturdayMay 29, 2010

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

at the

Scot Zephyr Community Hall

310 Zephyr Road

All proceeds go to the benefit of the Zephyr Public Library

Donations may be dropped off at the Library 13000 Regional Road 39

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Friends of the Township of Uxbridge Public Library

Once again the Friends presented a cheque for $3,000 to the Uxbridge Public Library. The majority of the money comes from the book sales held throughout the year at the library and also includes Friends membership dues.  The library accepts the generous book donations year-round from Uxbridge residents and selects the books that are most needed by the library to replace used copies, add more copies of the more popular books or to add new titles to the shelves. Last year the donated books saved the library $41,960  (retail cost).  In the near future, the Friends will be donating $2,000 to the library for the purchase of a selection of BBC productions on DVD.

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As We See It … The Galapagos Islands

Join Yvonne Harrison as she shares her adventure – swimming with seals and sharks and trekking amongst the indigenous animals . She visited 12 of the 19 volcanic islands 1000 km west of Ecuador following in the footsteps of Darwin almost 175 years later. Since 1959 the islands form Galapagos National Park, dedicated to preserving the many unique species that live there — animals such as the huge 200 kg Galapagos Tortoise, land and marine iguanas, frigate birds, and the comical bluefooted booby. These enchanted islands are truly a magical place !  When: Wednesday, May 26 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.  Where: Uxbridge Public Library Lower Meeting Room.

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Career Cruising

Looking at a career change?  If you need information about careers, why not check out Career Cruising!  Career Cruising is an online career information, education and guidance database.  You can explore careers by learning about the basics of a job, a typical day on the job, career paths, education and earnings.  Each career profile includes interviews with people who hold the job in question.

Career Cruising also includes personality assessments to help you determine what sort of job is right for you and information on education programs to help you get there.  You can also create a profile to save results and other information you find, and use the résumé builder to improve your CV.
Career Cruising is available anywhere 24/7 with your library card.  You can access it (and much more) from our website.  Click on Online Databases and then Career Cruising.
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Short Story Contest

The short story must begin with the line:

“Maybe it was my imagination but yesterday I looked through the library window and I thought I saw …”

The contest is open to Uxbridge Township students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Prizes will be awarded to the winning entry from each of the following categories: JK-SK, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9-12.

Winning entries will be published on our website (www.uxlib.com) and be prominently displayed in the library. The short story can be no longer than two double spaced pages and must be accompanied by an entry form. Entry forms are available at both the Uxbridge and Zephyr branches or online.

The short story contest ends at 5:00 pm on Friday March 19, 2010. Entries may be dropped off at your local library branch beginning Monday March 1, 2010. Winners will be announced on Wednesday March 30, 2010.

What a great opportunity for young writers to use their imaginations and story-telling skills over the March Break.

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