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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

July 16, 2014 by in category Book Reviews

I am currently reading the Perks of being a Wallflower( don’t spoil anything for me :)! ). So far, it is really good. Charlies letter to his friend are really interesting and show what a lot of people and their families go through. I would recommend this book to anyone ( probably people in grade […]

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We’ll always have summer

July 2, 2014 by in category Introduction Posts

In this book the main character Belly(Isabel) has to make a hard decision, between guys and they just so happen to be brothers and their families are really close to each other. Through breakups , make ups and fights Belly finally makes her decision. I thought this book was really good and I would recommend […]

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My Life Next Door

June 30, 2014 by in category Book Reviews

This book was really good. I thought this book was really good because of the way the story went on… there was always something I was looking forward to finding out in this book and I think that is why I liked this book , as well as the story line. I would recommend this […]

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What Happened to Goodbye- By Sarah Dessen

August 19, 2013 by in category Book Reviews

After Mclean’s parents divorced, Mclean left her Mother and her new family behind to be with her dad, a restaurant consultant. After four new towns in only two years, Mclean has been anything but herself. But now, Mclean discovers a desire to stay in one place and be herself. She just has to find out […]

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Love? maybe. – by Heather Hepler

August 3, 2013 by in category Book Reviews

Piper’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, which people think would make her romantic but it doesn’t. Piper’s pretty sure that she doesn’t believe in love at all after she saw her father anD step-father leave. Piper’s friends concoct a plan to find them all Valentine’s Day dates, and somehow Piper finds herself with the most […]

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A Mango Shaped Space- By Wendy Mass

July 19, 2013 by in category Book Reviews

Mia Winchell seems like a average girl, but is actually keeping a big secret – sounds and numbers each have a colour for her. She hasn’t told anyone and plans on keeping it a secret. But trouble at school forces Mia to tell her secret. She must learn to except herself for who she is […]

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Finally (12)- By Wendy Mass

July 19, 2013 by in category Book Reviews

Rory has been dreaming of becoming 12. She has a huge list of things she can do when she turns twelve. But when she turns twelve, it takes her in the wrong direction. The adventures she takes , reminds her of how fun it was when she was young and the fun stuff she could […]

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11 Birthdays- Wendy Mass

July 16, 2013 by in category Book Reviews

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day at the same hospital. By chance their first birthday reservations were at the same spot. Ever since they have been celebrating their birthdays together, up until their 10th birthday. Amanda overhears Leo saying that he only hangs out with her because she has no other friends. […]

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