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Where has everyone gone?!

August 22, 2012 by in category General Administration, Prizes with 1 and 0
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Not many blog posts lately, are you guys all off enjoying the last days of summer? Well, as I’m SURE you know… The last day of the Teen summer reading group is THIS FRIDAY, August 24. That’s when we are having our end of summer party, which I’m sure you must all know about because I’ve been talking about it relentlessly. Hope to see many of you there.

Now…I thought I should mention…We’ve got a number of prizes left to give away. We have:

  1. TWO $25 Gift Certificates to Blue Heron Books
  2. TWO Gift Cards to Walmart ($15 and $10)
  3. ONE copy of a popular book from last year
  4. ONE copy of the WINNING BOOK from this year!

The Walmart giftcards will be awarded to the winners of our Jeopardy game (at the party). Both books will be given away at the party (so if you don’t attend, you won’t have a chance to win!). There are two ways to win a gift certificate to Blue Heron Books:

  1. Blog on the website. Everyone who has blogged this year will be entered to win a gift certificate to Blue Heron Books! The more you’ve blogged, the better your chances- so make sure you post a few times before Friday!
  2. Comment on this post with an answer to this question: Who was your favourite character out of the eight books and if you were in their place, what would you do differently?. We’ll draw a winner from all the respondents if FIVE or more people comment.

That’s all for now!

1 Comment

  • rme6
    on August 23, 2012

    Obviously Emma or Josh! I would’ve noticed each other earlier!

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