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Pretty Little Liars (by Sara Shepard) BOOKS vs. TV SHOW

July 18, 2013 by in category Movies & Books with 0 and 0
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I have decided to post a discussion on how the pretty little liars tv shows aren’t really like the books at all. For starters the characters in the books are described in a way that they don’t resemble the characters in the show. For example…

~ In the books Hanna has auburn hair, while in the TV series she is blonde
~ Spencer is supposed to have dirty blonde hair, but in the show its pretty dark brown

The events that take place in the TV series are very different than in the book, therefore affecting the storyline. For example…

~ In the books Toby committed suicide so Spoby (spencer and Toby) doesn’t actually exist

~ In the books Mona dies from her fall and in the TV series she is back and crazy as ever!

~ Maya doesn’t die in the books, she and Emily just separate

I suppose they had to make the actors different from the book based on auditions. The storyline has also progressed way beyond the books so they would have had to let certain characters last longer. The series plot probably has to be approved by Sara Shepard anyway. Although the show has drifted far from the books I definitely prefer the television series which is weird considering the books are the original and are usually better! Besides its fun to watch the show because you never know what’s coming next!!!

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