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the dogs

July 21, 2015 by in category Book Reviews with 0 and 0
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The dogs is about a boy named Cameron who is on the run with his mom. His mom got divorced with his dad when he was eight due to abuse. Ever since his dad has been following them. He has had to moves five times due to his mom spotting his dad on the streets near the houses he has lived in. Then Cameron and his mom to an old farm house in the middle of the country. The first night Cameron thinks he sees a boy in the old barn loft across his window.


Then he starts hearing the boys voice in his dreams. Than he hears about “the dogs”. A man who owned the farm in the 1950’s was eaten alive by his own guard dogs. Then Cameron starts talking to Jackie the boy and finds out that the man eaten was his father. Cameron starts going into his own world and his mom is worried because he starts talking to Jackie in the middle of the night. But his mom thinks hes talking to himself. Then Cameron find out that Jackie father killed his wife and her male friend. Cameron starts talking to his dad for the first times in years on the phone secretly. Then his moms boyfriend is supposed to pick him up from school but it turns out his dad went to his house and locked his mom in the coal room and tied ken (his moms boyfriend) in the trunk of the car. His dad is crazy and says he has a gun. HIS DAD IS GOING TO KILL THEM ALL. But Cameron yanks on the car steering wheel and drives them into a corn field and honks the horn so that the people next door can hear. Then they hit a tree. Cameron gets out of the car and his dad grabs his coat but its un zipped so Cameron is free. His dad follows him into the woods and hen Jackie says “get to the clearing they wont hurt you.” Cameron get to the clearing. Then his dad gets there, his dad is about to punch him when Cameron hears a howl. The dogs have come. The dogs rip his dads throat out and kills him. The police thinks its was a coyote but Cameron knows what it really was…

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