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red rising

August 18, 2015 by in category Book Reviews with 0 and 0
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Darrow is a red. He is a n= miner who is making Mars livable for the human race because earth is dying. He is eighteen and he is married. One night he and his wife go to the forbidden gardens and they get caught by the tin pots. They are the police. While they are being whipped as a punishment Darrow’s wife sings the forbidden song . She is hanged and Darrow has to yank her feet to break her neck due to the low gravity on Mars. The night after Darrow buries her when he is not supposed to and then he is hanged. But he doesn’t die. He wakes up in a city and meets other reds. The government has lied about poeple still on earth. Darrow gets the body of a gold , the leaders of Mars and trains at their school. He excels and then he gets an offer from they archgovener. But what they don’t know is that Darrow wants revenge, he wants all golds to pay for what they did to his wife

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