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How Do I Sign Up?

If you’ve never joined before, you’ll need to create a new account. At the top right of the screen, you’ll see login/register button. Click this button.

Click on “Register” to create your account. You’ll be taken to this page:

You need to fill out ALL of the boxes on this form. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Username: This is what will display PUBLICLY on the website, any time you post. Make sure this is something you want to be known by!
  • Email: This is kept PRIVATE, but you do need to put it in for a couple reasons. ONE, it’s one of our ways to contact you, but also your account will not go through without an email address.
  • Password: Make sure it’s something you’ll remember! This is the password you’ll use to login to our site.
  • First/Last Name, Phone Number: We want to make the site as safe as possible. That’s why we ask for your real first and last names, as well as your phone number (we can verify if you have a card with us). This information is kept TOTALLY private. We also need your phone number to contact you if you win a prize!

Once you’re done filling out the form, click REGISTER. Your account will have to be approved before you can post– this usually happens within a day and you will receive an email once your account has been approved. That’s all there is to creating a new account!

If you joined up in a previous year, you can USE THE SAME ACCOUNT AS BEFORE! All you have to do is click on “Login” at the top right hand of the screen. If you don’t remember your username or password, click here and you will be sent an email with your username, as well as a link to reset your password. If you have any problems (or can’t remember IF you have an account), email Corrinne.

How Do I Post?

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, go the the home screen on the website. On the right side of the page there will be a white box where you can post! Enter a title for your post. (Get creative! Doesn’t always have to be the book’s name.) Now you can write your review, letting everyone know what you liked or disliked.

Before you submit your post, pick a category based on what you are talking about. Most of the time, Book Reviews will be the most relevant, but you can also pick Introduction posts or Books and Movies.

If you’re posting spoilers about a book, you should give a warning so anyone who hasn’t read the book yet won’t get spoiled. You can also copy and paste this:
directly before your spoilers. This will give a “Read More” link so that any spoilers don’t show up right on the front page.

Click on “Submit Review” to submit your post. NOTE: your post won’t go live on the site immediately– all posts have to be approved before they appear on the site.

Want to comment on somebody else’s post? Just click on the title of their post and then scroll down. As long as you are logged in, there will be a comment box at the bottom of the page. Write your comment in the box there and click send!

What Do I Post?

      Book Reviews! (No Spoilers please!)

    • Thoughts on a single book
    • Thoughts on an author
    • Thoughts on a series
    • Speculation on what might happen next in a book or series

Help! I can’t login!

Oh no! There are a couple of likely reasons this could be happening.

      1. Your account has not yet been approved. If you get this error message:

        You will need to wait until your account gets approved before you can sign in. You will get an email once your account has been approved.
      2. Forgotten/incorrect password. If you get this error message:

        You can reset your password by clicking on the “Lost your password?” link in the error message, or clicking here.
      3. Lost username. If you get this error message:

        You can get your username emailed to you by clicking on the “Lost your password?” link in the error message, or clicking here.

If you still can’t login, or you have another issue (like forgetting what email address you used to sign up), send Corrinne an email.

I have a question that isn’t answered anywhere on the site!

Okay! We’ll do our best to try and help you. Send us an email with your question, OR, leave a comment on this post. If neither of these is an option for you, feel free to call us at: 905 852 9747 ext 203. Even if neither of us is available at the time, you can still leave a message!