Well, why not? Our program is designed to provide folk over the age of 50 to participate in informal sessions and enjoy discovering some new skills, socialize, have fun and maybe even impress the grandchildren who now interact with robots at school.

With a focus on 90% fun and socializing topped up with some learning what could be better?

Have a group interested in a session?
If you are a member of a group, be it a seniors book club, a coffee club at your condo or get together at a coffee shop, get in touch and talk to us about having your own session.

The Robotics project is also providing sessions in a variety of  Uxbridge Seniors clubs and facilities. If you would like to have  a session with your group just get in touch.

Who leads the sessions?
Our long time Drop in IT Help volunteer, Ian Kershaw, is leading the program and sessions and will help you corral our little robots and ensure you have an enjoyable time.

Our Robot Family
With literally hundreds of robots and robotic toys on the market we have a sample of 4 very different robots ranging from the cute little Ozobots that are about the size of a Lindt chocolate to the mischievous pair Dash & Dot who get up to all sorts of tricks. Then we have the magnetic Cubletes who have a genuine magnetic personality. Our final cheeky robot is the BeeBot which, if you have not already discovered, is a large non-flying Bee that does exactly what you tell it and no more !


This is an Uxbridge Public Library initiative funded by the Government of Canada through the New Horizons program for seniors. The program runs to February 28 2019.

Get in Touch

Ian Kershaw 905.852.9747
Uxbridge Public Library
9 Toronto St. South, ON, L9P1P3



These pages provide all you need to:
  • Get advance information on future workshops
  • Register for one or more of our free sessions
  • Find links to additional resources and information.
  • Get to know our cute family of fun filled robots

We are using EventBrite, an online registration service, to help us manage the bookings and provide you with immediate confirmation of your registrations. There are no fees whatsoever. All you need is an email address and a phone number along with your name. No email address? You can ask a family member or friend or use and we will note your booking. You can also call in at the library.


Please note we cannot accept phone bookings.

REGISTER NOW Spaces are limited. Clicking below will take you to the EvenBrite registration for our programs.

BeeBots and Ozobots Part 1
April 19th 10:00 to 11:30. Click here to register

BeeBots and Ozobots Part 2
May 24th 10:00 to 11:30. Click here to register

Cubelets & Dash'n'Dot Part 1
April 26th
10:00 to 11:30. Click here to register

Cubelets & Dash'n'Dot Part 2
10:00 to 11:30. Click here to register

An evening with a Little Bit of Everything
May 31st
7:00 to 8:30. Click here to register

REMEMBER, there is no cost whatsoever to participate or to have a session with your group.