What’s in a Library Card?

What’s in a Library Card?

*By Lauren Orav*

We live in a time in which wallets are often overflowing with cards. But which ones do you really need? If you’re looking to support your community, a library card is the right choice for you.

Here at the Uxbridge Public Library, all you need to register for a library card is a piece of identification. After registering, you can borrow books, music and videos, use our computers with internet access, and even use our Microfilm readers for genealogy research, all free of charge. You are able to renew and reserve items through our website (www.uxlib.com), and over the phone (905-852-9747). The library can be a resource for information and learning, as well as a place for leisure and entertainment. In the immortal words of Arthur, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.”

However, a library card does come with rules and responsibilities. As of September 1, 2009 you will need to have your library card with you to borrow items. Children may borrow items on an adult’s card if their parent or guardian is present, but an adult may not use a child’s card.

Furthermore, a library card means the contact information you’ve given us is correct, and that you assume financial responsibility for the materials you borrow. You are also responsible for letting the library know if your card is lost or stolen.

All these rules are in place for a reason – to protect you and the library. Library card rules help to protect your identity. Fees, like overdue fines, make sure everyone is sharing materials, and helps the library afford new items. So next time you forget to return a book on time, just think of it as supporting your library.

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