Uxbridge Historical Centre

Volunteer with Us

Do you have time to VOLUNTEER with us?

We need volunteers to get involved hands-on, with real museum and archives work.

Would you like to help us? Volunteering at your Historical Centre is one way to become grounded in your community. We have 10 historic buildings to maintain and a whole range of programs and services to provide to the community. With only two staff members to draw on, we find that we need more volunteers to help us continue on - and indeed, to grow!

We have a multitude of jobs needing attention - some basic and others more demanding. There is something to suit everyone. Would you like to work outside and enjoy our beautiful view of the Uxbridge Valley and Oak Ridges Moraine?

Or do you prefer more scholarly inside work? Do you like to work alone - or with people? Do you especially enjoy working with children, adults or seniors perhaps? Do you have an interest in education? Do you like to bake and plan social events?

SOME of the volunteer positions available:

  • Cataloguing - researching, housing & cataloguing museum artifacts and/or archival records
  • Education - there is lots to be done creating & delivering educational programs to children
  • Gardening - herb garden, flower gardens, general yard work waiting for TLC
  • Hospitality - offer to bake your specialty, or to co-ordinate hospitality for upcoming events
  • Maintenance - a multitude of small individual jobs are always needing to be done
  • Painting - historic buildings are in need of being spruced up
  • Special Events - help with the Fall Festival, Heritage Days, adult workshops or other upcoming events

Call and speak to a staff member to learn more.

We offer a full training program. All volunteers report to the Curator or Assistant Curator, and work with our direction.

Here at the Uxbridge Historical Centre you will have the opportunity to learn something new every day. You will meet a whole range of interesting people of all ages and from all backgrounds. You will make new friends and learn about Uxbridge's history while helping us to keep it alive for the future.

Remember, volunteer-work is now treated with the same respect as paid-work on resumes!

If you would like to help, please contact us at (905) 852-5854 or museum@town.uxbridge.on.ca

Staff of the Historical Centre would like to acknowledge and thank the many loyal volunteers who have so cheerfully and willingly helped us throughout the years, and those who are now just a phone call away. We simply could not operate this complex without your help.